"In a place far Away..."


...There was a girl who dreamed about love, joy, family and happiness. 
Yes you are right that girls was me! 
My name is Dagmara and I am a story telling photographer.  
I am a wife, a mother of our beautiful daughter Mila, and while writing this a few months short of giving birth to our son! 
I live in Warsaw, Poland but I look for stories Worldwide. 
All good stories need a hero and that could be you.  


For me family is the most important part of my life, so lot's of the pictures that you will find on this blog are stills from our private life.
Spending time with Mila is always so much fun and I always have my camera with me to take a few snaps. Friends often ask me to take pictures of them, of their families, kids and of those special moments in life. 

Someone smart once said that photography is about keeping those moments that will never return.


what Are the Stories?

You are the story. Your life & Your emotions. 
Family portraits, Wedding highlights, Travel adventures - you decide!
It can all start with a deep breath and a few heart beats and finish on a boat in the middle of the ocean or some place up in the hills. We can travel, have fun and enjoy those little moments, which put together one by one assamle for a true good night story. 


How Do I tell Stories?

I am an outgoing person. It's important for all of us to feel good, enjoy the time and view this time together rather as an adventure then time at work.  We will often meet as strangers and say goodbye as friends!